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Kate Sanchez

for Assembly District 71

Kate Sanchez - Businesswoman, Taxpayer Advocate, Mom

Kate Sanchez was elected to the California State Assembly in November, 2022 and now serves the 71st California Assembly District. 


Kate is a proud Mom, businesswoman and has been a proven advocate for parental rights, public safety and continues to fight against California tax increases.

Assemblywoman Sanchez serves as Vice Chair of the Human Services Committee and a committee member of Judiciary, Appropriations, Budget, Higher Education, Transportation, Housing and Community Development, Subcommittee No. 2 on Education Finance, and Subcommittee No. 6 on Budget Process Oversight and Program Evaluation.

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 Service Above Self

As a mother, and granddaughter of two military service members. Service above self has always been my focus. 

During the height of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, my uncle, Father Angelo D’Agostino, was called to open an orphanage for HIV-positive children, in Africa.


As a young teenager, I was able to spend time with these children in Nairobi, and what a life-changing experience it was!


It was then that I knew, I may be one voice, but in our incredible country, I can stand up for personal freedoms, and the liberties protected under our Constitution.  


While so many of our assembly members, mayors, and elected officials kept silent and went along with unconstitutional government abuse and overreach. 




I will be an unwavering voice against government abuse and overreach. I will fight and serve you and be your voice in Sacramento.

It is time we sent a representative to Sacramento that understands Service Above Self and that my job is to represent and fight for you. 

Kate Sanchez - Child Advocate

As Californians, we have all persevered despite the devastating effects Sacramento’s mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic has had and continues to have on our families, our businesses, our freedoms, and our school children.


But as a working mother, I am my child’s biggest advocate. When letters to local officials, calls, and rallies went unanswered, I said enough!


We need someone in Sacramento who will fight for our children.

Our children are not political pawns!


Every child deserves access to quality education of their parents’ choosing. A zip code or family wealth should not determine opportunity.

I have fought and will continue to fight for our children, their education, and our parental rights. 

It is time we sent a Mama Bear to Sacramento to show them that parents are in charge, not government bureaucrats or powerful special interest groups.

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