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The Issues

Solutions For A Better California


Cost of Living

The cost of living in California is out of control. This didn't happen by accident. There are real-life consequences to bad policies. The cost of food, gas, housing, and so much more result from high taxes and overbearing regulations that serve special interests instead of the people.  

As your next Assemblywoman, I will prioritize your pocketbook. You deserve to keep more of your hard-earned money.

My Solution: I will fight for the largest lower & middle-class tax cuts in California's history. I will oppose any new tax or tax/fee hike. I will fight to repeal and replace destructive regulations that hurt small businesses and working families. 


I will fight to protect Proposition 13 property tax protections and support Taxpayer Bill of Rights legislation.  

Public Safety

Pro-Criminal laws put our children, loved ones, businesses, and communities at risk. Sacramento has handcuffed prosecutors and our brave men and women of law enforcement. 


Sacramento's solution is to defund the police and give career criminals get-out-of-jail-free cards. 

My Solution: Repeal pro-criminal laws that flood our streets with crime, drugs, and homelessness, and work with our District Attorney to replace these laws with sensible laws and measures that will keep us safe. 

I will work closely with our Sheriff and law enforcement agencies to ensure they are well-trained and properly equipped to keep us safe.



Researchers for the 2022 Student Success Rankings analyzed 42 metrics into three key indicators of education success, Student Success, School Quality, and Student Physical & Mental Safety, and ranked California as #44.

Sacramento's solution to our failing schools is to increase overhead and administrative costs while taking our tax dollars away from our children's classrooms. 


Our children are not political pawns. All children should have access to quality education that teaches critical thinking, not critical race theory.  Our children must have an education that prepares them to compete in a hypercompetitive global market. Family wealth and zip code should not determine opportunity.

My Solution: 

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